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Aqua blasting, also known as vapour blasting, is the non-aggressive removal of surface dirt and grime from metal components and antiques. Some other blasting methods actually remove the surface material from the components which can alter their critical dimensions. Our aqua blasting services leave the underlying component completely intact, with its original dimensions, whilst removing the unwanted carbon deposits, oil, grease and grime etc.

Aqua blasting achieves this by accelerating water and a mildly abrasive emulsion under high pressure through a nozzle. The water in this process acts as a buffer, whilst the emulsion gently removes the grime leaving the underlying surface intact.

The emulsion contains particles which are just 150-200 microns in diameter, these gently remove the contaminates on the surface of the component.

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We can clean most metal components and antiques using aqua blasting to return them to their original condition. A more detailed list of some of the components we are able to clean can be found on our services page.

We specialise in cleaning car and bike parts as well as metal antiques, however, we are more than happy to provide a quote for any metal components or objects you need cleaning.

Almost any metal can be cleaned using aqua blasting including Aluminium, Bronze, Magnesium, Titanium, Brass, Copper etc.

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Depending on the component and it's condition, our services vary in price. We offer a free, no obligation quotation service so we can give you an accurate estimate of the cost. Just complete the quotation form on our contact page and send us images of the component(s), if you have some, to and we will get back to you with a quote for the cleaning.

All items are treated with great care whilst in our posession. Once the cleaning process is complete they are securely packaged and returned to you with a postal service of your choice.


Cleaning Car Parts

  • Alloy Engine Parts

  • Pistons

  • Engine Casing

  • Chassis Parts

Cleaning Motorbike / Motorcycle Parts

  • Frames

  • Yokes

  • Forks

Cleaning Antiques and Collectables

  • Brass Ornaments

  • Cutlery

Most other Metal Components

  • Aluminimum

  • Brass

  • Titanium

  • Copper

What do our customers say?
  • “We sent six Titanium pistons to and received them back within 4 days. They are now ‘like new’ and have saved us replacing all six at great expense. ”
    Paul, Sport Racing Leicester
  • “Thank you for the fantastic job you made on my Moto Guzzi V50 Engine, it looks ten times better than when I bought it in 1990. I am now looking to restore my bike, beyond its former glory.”
  • “We are a leading restorer of classic cars in the Midlands, and all my parts go to Ray at Bike Aqua Blasting and come back 'as new'. I post them to Ray and they are returned very quickly.”
    Andy, Classic Cars